Membership: the membership committee will maintain current membership roll, as well as, maintain member sign in at each general membership meeting. In addition, the membership committee will also develop opportunities to reach additional new members, hold membership drive and promote the overall benefit of joining the association.

Code Enforcement/Zoning Committee: The committee will use the city of Tampa’s city ordinances as a guideline to identify non-criminal violations such as illegal dumping, overgrowth, accumulation, graffiti, illegal land use, zoning variance requests, and other issues creating a negative impact on the quality of life for SESH residents. Committee members will work neighbors to solicit input and encourage interaction to identify areas of concern, and create viable solutions to solve code and zoning issues. The committee will build relationships with the proper city departments to report violations and identify programs to assist neighbors in gaining compliance.

Neighborhood Beautification: the beautification committee will be responsible for identifying neighbors who have excelled at remodeling and landscaping their home or business for banner awards. The committee will also develop programs to landscape and beautify public Areas throughout the neighborhood.

Council Watch: the council watchers will coordinate efforts to ensure the association has consistent presence at each council hearing in which Southeast Seminole Heights and Greater Seminole Heights has a vested interests.

Social Committee – social committee coordinates monthly porch parties. The committee is also responsible for setting up general membership refreshments and additional meetings as needed. The holiday social planning is a sub committee to this committee.

Neighbors Assistance: the committee will create and execute programs to help neighbors in need with yard maintenance, cleaning or basic home repairs. In addition, this committed will oversee the Home Improvement Team projects to coordinate projects, eligibility, etc.

Neighborhood Watch /TPD Liaison: this committee will work closely with TPD and neighbors to identify areas of concern and create possible solutions via programs, reporting, etc.

Welcome Committee: this committee will identify new neighbors moving to SESH to present welcome packet and introduce them to the association.

Commercial Corridor: this committee is the liaison between the Civic Association and the commercial corridor business owners.

Public Relations/Marketing: this committee will be responsible for identifying opportunities to write/submit articles of interest to local media outlets to promote the neighborhood association. Identifying advertising and marketing-opportunities and developing avenues to promote SESH.

Newsletter: the newsletter committee will identify articles of interest to share with neighbors, identify neighbors and business owners to write articles, proof and edit as necessary, and help publish bi-monthly publication.

Fund-raising: the Fund-raising committee will work to create neighborhood events to generate revenue streams. This committee will also research and write grants to secure funding for various projects.

Bylaws/Election: the bylaws committee will be responsible for reviewing and revising association bylaws annually to reflect any necessary changing needs. The committee members will also oversee the ballot and election process during voting years.